Started in late 2015 in Brisbane, Australia WithoutEnd. was a concept formed together by a group of skaters who have always wanted self expression and to help the skateboarding community. We've always used so many different components from so many different companies that we wanted to create a brand where you can get almost all your needs within in the 1 brand which is quality with the best possible components. We've spent a lot of time testing product from many manufacturers and ecstatic by the product we've made.

In the past 20+ years we've seen skate companies come and go. Some last and some don't but the name behind without end is literally just that, Without End! We're creating a timeless company which will have a legacy that lives on in to the next generation of skaters and kids who will realise that skateboarding is a home when you don't have one, a family member if you don't have one and skateboarding creates friends for life! Skateboarding to us at WithoutEnd is much more than pushing product, it's about longevity and self expression. 

WithoutEnd. is a brand using only the best components globally with the best shaped wood and the longest lasting accessories. All the wood is 7-ply Canadian Maple and made in the DSM woodshop. The wheels are made from the highest quality Urethane available and the bearings from the very best steel with an Abec7 rating. 

We're always looking to help the community and looking for riders. If you're that rider please send us a message below, link us to a video of you skateboarding on Instagram or facebook and we'll be in touch. 

Keep rollin!